When Dad took his last breath, one of his favorite songs was playing in the background. Thanks to Mel. When I felt myself getting carried away or lost in the moments leading up to his death, I knew what to do. I shared a detailed and loving memory with him. It was contagious, and other began to share their stories too. I know Dad heard me. I felt his love returned when he made an expression and clenched my hand as I shared. Thanks to Mel. I was able to honor and express my feelings without doubts or hesitation. There was a deep sense of comfort knowing I had Mel’s gentle guidance and support with me. I felt it guiding me, giving me permission to be okay with what I was feeling. Mel made it so much easier to grasp and be present for this time in a healthy, spiritual, and connected way. I was able to feel Dad’s spirit with me, especially in the days following. I am acutely aware of the many ways Dad lets me know he is still with me, and in eternal light now with God. Thank you Mel for keeping my eyes and heart open to these signs. I can’t find the words to describe how much Mel’s loving help and guidance means to me. It is perhaps the single most impactful form of support I’ve ever received. I didn’t have this guidance and support when my grandfather died, and oh, how we all would have benefited. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Mel. I thank God for crossing our paths.
We’re our stories. Our lives are made up of our experiences or experiences translated into our stories. The stories we tell ourselves and the stories we tell others. When we die, what’s left of us is our stories. Our wisdom comes from experience, our life experience. Sometimes when you learn things you get the feeling you already knew it. Like Oz never gave nothing to the Tin Man. That’s what it was like having Mel walk with me through the grief before and after the death of my dad. Good information that gave me comfort and specific instructions so I could avoid mistakes that may hurt other people, or that I would regret. Thanks Mel Kurt
Dear Mel, I have experienced so much pain, loneliness and sadness with the passing of dear relatives. Part of it was not being able to be there to say goodbye. Part of it was not knowing how to say goodbye. It was difficult for me to find peace even after a long time. Very recently, my aunt went into hospice care. She was diagnosed with cancer last year and fought until her body was overcome with the disease. I had never been able to see loved ones before their passing, but I had an opportunity this time. I was conflicted though, and was having trouble processing my feelings. I decided to reach out to Mel for help. She helped me remember a few vivid memories of my aunt and capture the essence of what my aunt meant to me. Mel then helped me put my feelings into word that I was able to lovingly communicate to my loved one. I can’t thank Mel enough for the gift she gave me in being able to have that last beautiful experience with my aunt. I will never forget the connection and deep love I felt being able to share memories and feelings with her. I’m incredibly grateful to Mel for giving me peace and acceptance of my aunt’s journey to the other side. With the deepest love and gratitude, thank you so much, Mel.
Last Acts of Love was a tremendous support to me and my family during a very difficult time in our lives. Both of my parents passed away within 5 weeks of each other. After my mother passed, my father needed as much support as possible to help him through the difficulties of losing his wife of almost 60 years and at the same time cope with terminal cancer. With Mel’s guidance, my brothers and I were able to have the discussions we were afraid to have because we were afraid that asking personal questions may upset him. Instead, my father was relieved to be able to discuss with us what he wanted for his memorial service. In retrospect, I question why we as a society are so afraid to speak about death. It’s the elephant in the room. My experience is that the dying are not afraid to speak about death. It’s the living that struggle with it. I recommend anyone going through this inevitable pain to let Mel help navigate their journey with loving connection.
In the months before my brother’s death, he talked a lot about wanting to die. Our converstaions were really about me wanting to keep him alive. I would say ” It’s not always going to be this way”, and “There’s nothing to be ashamed of, we all love you”. During this time, telling him what he meant to me- that he was my soulmate and protector- felt like I was simultaneously accepting his desire to die and pressuring him to stay alive. Although I was kind and supportive of him, I regretted not telling him what I wanted to say before his death. Working with Mel, helped me say everything I wanted to say to him. She guided me through my memories of detailed experiences of how we loved and stood with each other in our big, unconventional family. She helped me remember how I always recognized his brilliance shining through his mental health and addiction. I was able to put into words how I relied on his innate wisdom. Finally, was able to understand the depth of his pain and why he chose to leave this world. Now, my relationship with him is so real and present. He is always with me and I do life with his Spirit by my side. I have clarity about who he is and what he means to me, and how our relationship makes me a better person. Mel helped me access all of these perspectives by gently guiding me through my stories and holding space for me. I am eternally grateful for your service. Thank you for hearing me.
I cannot thank Mel enough for her love, support, and guidance during the very difficult and expected death of my father who was afflicted with Alzheimers. Although we knew his death was inevitable, Mel gently guided us through our options so we could focus on our grief when he died. Mel was able to guide my family through the process of honoring our father’s wish of a natural burial. She also helped us incorporate into his memorial service the components that best reflected Daddy’s life and what each of us admired the most about him. I highly recommend Mel’s service, knowledge, patience, and attention to details. She even made time to be at the burial to support us through the process. It was the most beautiful experience I could wish for my father. Mel’s patience and guidance through the last years of my father’s life helped ease the pain of grief as we watched our dad slowly fade away until his body was laid to rest under the pines and oaks in Southern Washington
I requested Mel’s help when my beloved cat, Blueberry, started to decline. Blueberry wasn’t just a pet; he was my cherished companion for almost 20 years. His life brought me immense joy and comfort and his death felt overwhelming. The depth of my grief was all-consuming and Mel was a compassionate and supportive presence through the experience. Mel guided me through the process of saying goodbye. She helped me navigate through my grief by honoring the memory of Blueberry in a way that was both healing and meaningful. The most important lesson I learned from Mel is that when our loved ones are transitioning, they feel they are loved, that others felt their love, and that their life made the world a better place. My experience with Mel continues to provide invaluable tools as my cousin enters hospice care. The enduring impact of Mel’s services have equipped me with the ability to offer my cousin comfort and companionship during this challenging time. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Mel’s expertise, compassion, and dedication to ensuring a peaceful and dignified transition of my loved ones. Mel has left an indelible mark on my heart. I recommend Mel to anyone seeking support during the dying process.

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