My First Podcast Interview

Don’t let the podcast’s original name dissuade you from listening. Though the venue ( may not be conducive to the content, the message is pure, and the delivery is authentic. We discuss everything from pre-planning to legacy and even get into host Mischa Zvegintzov’s experience with dying, death, and what’s essential when saying goodbye to those we love.

What is a death cafe?

Death Cafes are an international phenomenon that Jon Underwood started in 2011 in London. He got the idea after learning about the work of Swiss sociologist Bernard Crettaz. In 2017, Jon died unexpectedly, and a league of volunteers took over the administration of Death Cafes to honor his vision and keep his legacy alive. 

The purpose of a Death Cafe is “to increase awareness of death to help people make the most of their finite lives.” 

The requirements of a Death Cafe include having access to refreshments, preferably tea and cake.

There are no agendas, promotions, speakers, themes, or expectations. Volunteers host all Death Cafes. They are free to attend, although some will ask for donations. 

Currently, I host three Death Cafes monthly: two online and one in-person.

Please visit the Death Cafe website for more information at at

SDVoyager Interview March 2024

Thank you SDVoyager for giving me the opportunity to share how my work as a Death Doula allows me to be of service to the community of San Diego and beyond. 

Embrace Death Workshops About Dying

Starting conversations around dying and death is simple, not easy. Very few people are comfortable talking with their loved ones about death when there is no need for urgency. Having an Advance Healthcare Directive (AHD) on hand gives your loved ones some direction when you can’t tell them yourself.

The BEST time to start the discussion over such complex issues, such as what kind of treatments you want and where you prefer to spend your last breath, is before your mortality confronts you with making hard decisions. It’s also important to ask yourself and your loved ones who is the best choice to advocate for your wishes when you can’t advocate for yourself.

Compassion and Choices has FREE tools to help you navigate and record your options with your loved ones. As a Death Doula, I use their resources to help my clients get familiar with the myriad of options they have and may not have considered.

Everyone over the age of 18 can partake in filling out their very own Advance Health Directive as many times as they like. Having a baseline of your loved one’s wants and needs when they can’t make those choices for themselves is one of the last acts of love you can share.

Contact me to organize an “Embrace Death: A Workshop About Dying” event where we start the conversation that brings us closer to each other in a safe, comfortable, loving environment.


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