” We all have to find our own ways to say good-bye” –

Sherman Alexie

A life-limiting diagnosis changes the world for you and the ones you love. Medical procedures, processing paperwork, and exploring your spiritual beliefs are supported through a variety of programs.

What’s rarely addressed is the gift of personalizing your dying and memorial experience. This is the last act of love that you gift to the ones you leave behind.

As an End-Of-Life Doula, I can help you plan and implement a customized ritual for your loved ones to help you transition from this life.

We can customize your memorial service so it reflects the love you shared with this world.

We can work together to create a legacy for future generations to know how your life made the world a better place.

After all, no matter what you’ve accomplished, it’s the knowledge that you were loved, that other people felt your love, and that your life made the world a better place that matters in the end.

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Are you wondering how to go about bringing up the subject of dying and death with your loved ones? Do you know who will write down and keep your wishes until it’s time to implement them?

My service is based on creating a space and asking questions about how you envision your dying experience. I will guide you through the questions and record your answers for your family to use when it comes time that you can no longer verbalize your wishes.

If you or your loved ones need someone to help them through your transition from this life, they will have the option of having me walk through it with them.

We can work together to fill out your Advance Health Directive and your Goals of Care, as you live with your diagnosis. You have the option to use me to advocate your wishes as your legal Health Care Proxy or to advocate for you and your loved ones as you go through medical treatments and follow-up appointments.

You can be in charge of how you want to be remembered after your death. You have the option to customize your memorial service to reflect the essence of the person you are. We work together to emphasize the memories, hobbies, acts of service, and other experiences that reflect your love.

There are many choices for your resting place including traditional burials and cremations, entombments, and scattering at sea. You can explore the wide range of choices that best reflect your personality.

Your legacy is something that you can most accurately cultivate to reflect what means the most to you. Leaving this important task to someone else can be a missed opportunity to continue making the world a better place. Your loved ones will appreciate having a connection with your spirit for generations to come.