Transition Vigil: This part of the dying experience is a time that leaves your loved ones aware that they’re helpless in stopping your death.You can help them through this period by giving them tasks that bring you comfort.

Ritual tasks are the cornerstone of a loving transition experience. Knowing that they can bring you some comfort by performing what you’ve asked, can help fulfill the sense of purpose and service that’s missing in the modern transition process.

Together, we can work out what brings you comfort in life so your loved ones know how to support you as transition towards your death. Tasks as simple as how you like your hair brushed or what kind of background noise brings you peace are examples of how your loved ones can honor you through a connection that goes to the heart of humanity. 

” When I felt myself getting carried away, or lost in the moments leading up to my dad’s death, I knew what to do thanks to Mel’s guidance.”- Mallory O.